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Spot LD

Spot LD Spot LD

The SpotLD (Low Dose) Chemical Applicator System
2 bottle sizes, 24 and 44 oz

Hand Pumped or Pressurized

  • Treatment in small areas—kitchens, bars, for ants, roaches, crawling pests
  • Perfect for dedicated sprayers for repellent and non repellent chemicals
  • Avoid cross contamination of various chemicals
  • Numerous increments in ounces and milliliters for accurate recording of product usage
  • Multiple Tip and Tool Selection
  • Quick disconnect system for fast Tip change out and easy maintenance
  • Comfort Grip and Connection Hose design (User friendly and durable)


The SpotLD applicators come with a Palm Gun and Output Hose that has support springs at both ends. The quick disconnect at the hose end also allows for the Palm Gun to be removed at anytime. The removable Palm Gun provides for easy maintenance and fast change out with various tips.

Designed to be used as a dedicated applicator for repellent and non-repellent chemicals (Dealing with cross contamination)

Pressurized Applicators have a white quick disconnect fitting located at the top and work with our 12 and 120 volt compressors. They are also available in Liquid, Foam and Dust Models

Hand Pump Applicators: are available in Liquid and Foam models.

Spot LD

Hollow Equipment Legs, Drip Lines, Under Beverage and Salad Bars

Spot LD

Low lying equipment, counters and dishwashing areas

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