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“My experiences just confirm that if you have the right tools

you can work more effectively and reduce waste.”

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Just a few comments about my experience with the Sherman to date…. The past two weeks have been amazing! The on-site, actual pest treatments using the Sherman as the primary application equipment have PMPs in central Florida very excited. All demonstrations, but most especially these applications have been received with enthusiasm.

Various types of treatments were made by the PMPs for their customers. The Sherman was used to treat general household pests, ants, Subterranean and drywood termites. We also saw the merits of treating mosquitoes with this revolutionary equipment. The foam gave the technician visual feedback of complete coverage with all important areas treated with precise coverage.

One home was treated for Subterranean termites accessing the home through a dirt filled porch. First a liquid treatment was applied. Then, a foam treatment was applied to the void under the slab with a termiticide solution. Both liquid and foam treatments were performed with one piece of equipment, the Sherman!

Drywood termites are also common in central Florida. A remedial and preventative treatment was applied to rafters and roof decking in an attic space. By simply changing the tips as needed, we moved through the attic with the Sherman, greatly reducing our time in the 100+ degree space. Even in these temperatures, the foam remained on the surface for an extended time, allowing for more penetration and most likely better control.

In treating for mosquito control, it was quickly noted that the foamed insecticide attached to the surface of the leaves. Due to the swirling nature of the tip pattern, insecticide was easily applied to the underside of leaves, without creating a drift issue and off-target contamination.

My experiences just confirm that if you have the right tools you can work more effectively and reduce waste. To me the most important part of being “green” is getting the right control agent to the targeted site, using as few resources as possible. The Sherman helps reduce water consumption thus reducing the need for large service vehicles and all associated costs. The Sherman may be the most important step forward for the pest control industry, in the past 40+ years of my experience in the business.

Sherman Rocks!

Thanks, Ray Meyers

President, RJM Contracting



Mr. Raymond Meyers is a resident of Florida, where he grew up in the pest control industry, working in his family’s business. He graduated North Carolina State University in Raleigh in 1975 with an Associate Science degree in Agricultural and Urban Pest Control. He is certified in all categories of pest control in the state of Florida and is an Associate Certified Entomologist.

He is a member of the Florida Pest Control Association as well as the National Pest Management Association. He is also a member of the professional fraternity, Pi Chi Omega. As a FPMA member he has served on the Education and Environmental Concern Committee and the NPMA’s Education Committee. He has provided numerous educational presentations at state and national symposiums and continuing education programs.

Ray was employed as a pest control distributor sales representative and manufacturers’ representative for eighteen years.

Currently, Ray is the president of RJM Contracting, Inc., a research and consulting firm, formed in 1999, which performs highly technical termite inspections, evaluations and reporting. He acts as principal investigator for RJM Contracting, Inc., providing contract research for manufacturers’ of pest control products and equipment.

Since 2008, Ray has owned and operated Pro-Line Professional Service, a full service pest control company in DeLand, Florida. He enjoys working to analyze and solve pest control and termite problems through innovative practices.

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