Michael Howe

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Michael could tell you that he began working when he was 8 years old taking tickets at an amusement park, and he could tell you about skipping countless hours of high school once he discovered the money he was missing out on by going to class, and the seven companies he was a partner in, the years of association work, and growing companies from the nucleus of an idea into millions of dollars of revenue –but he’d say he wouldn’t want to bore you to death… so for today you might be interested to know…


Michael Howe realized at a very young age that time was money—while money could be an unlimited resource—time was a valuable limited commodity—and every moment counted. Michael quickly developed his own business philosophy, (one he shared frequently with his two girls as they grew up)-. Gottawana. In order to get it, “you got to want it”.

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Gottawana drove him from his bed in the wee hours of every morning into the drivers seat of the first tandem dump truck he purchased at the age of 22, then the seat of a backhoe, then the seat behind the snowplough and salter truck, at the same time the disc jockey chair, the handle on the shovel for tree planting and landscaping, the seat on the riding lawnmower, to stick handling rigs for pest control-all of which were partnership chairs in developing companies.


And finally in 2000, to his solo career, NPD, where he created new technology and equipment, designed for all industries; Pest Control, Sanitation, Turf Industry, Food Processing, Automotive, Poultry and Horticulture.—in a way that was/is kinder to the planet through biologicals and water reducing products and equipment.

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Michael possesses an unrelenting passion to do better; everyday presents a new learning curve, in fact the day wasn’t a success if he didn’t learn something, anything new. Technicians, distributors, scientists, company owners and home owners, past products, new products, kids, friends-- are all his teachers. He will tell you, “when you know better, you do better”. YOU and the world around him are his classroom and he is forever the student. So much to do and so little time. Now for Michael’s next “gottawanna”, if he could only learn how to expand moments to hours, but that puzzle continues to elude him!