Pro-1024 - Repair & Maintenance Videos

Operating System Replacement

Complete guide on replacing a Boss Operating System. The OS consists of every electrical component required for the applicator to run. Remove the old system, install the new, and you are guaranteed back up and running at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Testing the Pump Pressure Switch

When a pump does not respond, this quick test will isolate out the pressure switch to confirm whether the switch needs replacement, or you need to replace the complete operating system.

Priming & Flow Rate Troubleshooter

When a new sprayer will not prime or the flow rate has dropped over time, this video works through every area that may cause a restriction of flow on your Boss applicator.

Wand Repair & Maintenance

How to service your wand and replace the seals with the wand repair kit.

Trigger Gun Repair & Maintenance

How to service and maintain your trigger gun including replacing the internal components with the trigger gun repair kit.

Wiring Repair

If one of the two speed settings on the rocker switch of your Boss Sprayer will not respond, follow this tutorial for restrengthening wiring connections for a permanent solution.