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Oscar Power Foamer

Sherman HE Oscar Power Foamer

NPD’s Oscar Power Foamer is a convenient hose end attachment that can be used for the treatment of many areas harboring pest problems. The Oscar Power Foamer is designed for quickly treating large areas and can be used with any garden hose supply. The system uses a 96 ounce bottle with a quick disconnect release for fast rinse downs and has an input hose and back flow preventer combination.

Oscar Can Be Used Everywhere Pest Control, Sanitation, Construction, Manufacturing, Turf Industry, Food Processing, Automotive, Poultry and Horticulture.

Eliminating odors and organic waste plays a major role in solving many pest control problems and needs to be a part of IPM program when dealing with crawling or flying insect pests.

The Many Ways to Use Oscar AND Add On NEW Revenue

  • Turf Applications for Fleas & Ticks—Using ProFoam Platinum & Insecticide
  • Odour Control-Using Vital Oxide
  • Bacteria Control-Vital Oxide & Disinfectant
  • Organic Waste Control-ProFoam Platinum & BioPlus

The Many Places to Use Oscar

Dumpsters, Inside & Out ~ Restaurant Walls & Floors ~ Supermarkets ~ Entire Compactor Rooms~ Loading Ramps ~ All Dormant Spillage and Puddles ~ Any area Requiring Cleaning, Degreasing and Odor Control


Use With NPD’s ProFoam Platinum foaming agent

  • Foam treats the area (voids of all types) where dirt, bacteria and insects live
  • Foam reduces Water Usage: Foam expands water by 6 to 18 times
  • Foam Increases surface contact time for superior coverage
  • Foam reduces liquid run off
  • Foam provides deeper penetration into surfaces by reducing surface tension
  • ProFoam Platinum has been tested by all major chemical producers for compatibility
  • Eliminate Open truck mounted tanks; accidents can produce spills
  • Foam helps in removing grease and dirt
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