JackPlus HE 128 Oz

JackPlus HE JackPlus HE

Rated # 1 Industrial Applicator by Customers

The Ultimate Applicator

For All Products and Services Industries

Dry Foam - Wet Foam - Liquid Outputs

JACKPlus HE can be used everywhere: Pest Control, Sanitation, Construction, Manufacturing, Turf Industry, Food Processing, Automotive, Poultry and Horticulture.

The JACKPlus HE Compressed Air Sprayer has been designed to provide the Industry with maximum flexibility and effective application and treatment options for all industries.

Technicians can choose from Liquid, Dry Foam or Wet Foam applications in just seconds. Note: Chemical mixture must contain ProFoam Platinum foaming agent to complete this feature. Foam is being used in many industries, by example

“Dry Foam” applications for all gallery and void areas where insects live

“Wet Foam” for below grade or under slab areas where Ants, Small Flies and other insects live

“Liquid” interior and exterior applications

The Altra Cart is designed for both the 1 Gallon or 2 Gallon JACKPlus HE tanks.

  • 1 Gallon or 2 Gallon Tank
  • 1 - Palm Gun Complete with 60 Inch Connection Hose
  • 1 - 15 Foot 3/8 Inch Extension Hose
  • 2 - Liquid Tips
  • 1 - Screen-Check Valve for Liquid
  • 3 - Foam Tips
  • 1 - Extension Wand 24 to 44 Inches