Vital Oxide

Vital Oxide Vital Oxide

Doing Better

Vital Oxide Advantages

Vital Oxide is shipped Ready To Use (RTU) as a hospital Disinfectant and may also be diluted using our customizable blending & dispensing system with on-site mixing for multiple applications, including food contact surface sanitization, carpet sanitization, and heavy-duty odor control.

  • NPD ships in RTU sizes and in dispenser-ready containers.
  • Shelf Stable - over one year shelf life.
  • Ready To Use - no activation step required.
  • Space Saving Multi-Use - multi-dilution system.
  • Saves Money - reduced spillage and waste.
  • Save Time - employee time required to prepare solutions is greatly reduced.
  • NSF Certified - no rinse required at any dilution.

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Doing Better

Infectious Disease Prevention from Pests & Wildlife

  • 60-second food contact surface sanitizer for 99.999% elimination of bacteria, including e coli, salmonella. listeria
  • No rinse required
  • Leaves no offensive odor or bad taste
  • Hospital disinfectant 100% inactivation of viruses, including H1N1, Hepatitis B & C, and HIV
  • Non-corrosive to treated surfaces

The Science Behind the Label

Vital Oxide Kills:

MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica, Staphylococcus aureus, Legionella pneumophila. Aspergillus niger, Norovirus(Feline Calicivirus as surrogate) Human Immunodeficiency virus type 1(HIV-1), Enterobacter aerogenes, Listeria monocytogenes, Acinetobacter baumannii, Rotavirus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Influenza A (H1N1)Swine Flu, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C.

The Label

Areas of use include:

Hospitals, Cruise Ships, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools & Day Care, HVAC Systems, Sports Equipment, Building Materials, Drip Irrigation Lines, Kennels, Auto Detail Shops, Households, Attics, Crawl Spaces, Pest Control, Pest Removal more.

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