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Consultant, PDN Pest Management Consulting Inc

“ProFoam Platinum as a carrier of Insecticide

is the new science for insect control”

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Over a ten year time period Michael and I have worked on a number of different foaming applications using ProFoam Platinum. Our first project was the application of Insecticide and ProFoam Platinum to gaps under concrete slabs. Termites were able to scrum vent termiticide application by attaching their tubes to the bottom of slabs where gaps are formed as soil separates from the bottom of slabs as it settles.

A new technique for spot treating of dry wood termite control was designed using ProFoam Platinum as a carrier of termiticide. Michael designed equipment that allowed us to apply ProFoam Platinum to galleries of dry wood termites, ProFoam Platinum and Insecticide, allows coating of termite galleries.

Michael and I have designed equipment and validated the use of ProFoam Platinum as a carrier of Insecticide to control chinch bug, flea and tick infestation in a lawn. This allows the application of large volumes of ProFoam Platinum.

In my opinion ProFoam Platinum as a carrier of Insecticide is the new science for insect control, benefits of this science, foam breaks the wax layer of insects allowing quicker absorption of insecticide. ProFoam Platinum will penetrate mulch and other dense ground cover better than water along.


Philip, referred to by his colleagues as “Doc”, began his career in the classroom, while still in the classroom himself, working to complete his doctorate, majoring in Entomology. After a quick tour as a teacher of Advanced Biology and Chemistry in a high school in Florida, a Doc ventured into the corporate world, as a business owner, and employee for large and midsize pest control and turf companies, where he remains today. His experience includes (but is not limited to), Identification of pests, field analysis of difficult insect control problems, designing procedures, protocols, chemicals and equipment, developing and delivering training programs, media “pest expert”, and expert witness in litigation.

Phil has been published four times, and has been a presenter across the US. He is a member of Phi Chi Omega, pest control fraternity. He has been a member of Termite Advisory Committee of National Pest Management Association (NPMA), and held the chair his fourth year of membership. He is still on the NPMA Technical Advisory Committee.

In 2011, Dr Philip Nichols won The Crown Award/Leadership. He retired in September 2012, but still is active in the pest control industry as a consultant with his PDN pest management consulting Inc. company.

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