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No Disinfecting Spray Applicator Of Any Type Can Claim 100% Control of Covid 19 By Spraying Alone

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The sprayers technology does not kill Sars-CoV-2, applying the correct amount of Vital Oxide on the surface does matter. Getting the message of Misting the correct amount of volume is critical in killing Sars-CoV-2 and all others. Be aware of statements like this:

  • Spray Applicator will reduce labor by 50 to 80%! In some cases, if you are not wiping (cleaning) the surface before you spray, the service may not be treated correctly. Small amounts of debris on the surface will protect the virus.
  • Spray Applicator Reduces chemical usage by 50%. The micron size/spray pattern of any spray applicator is very important, you must achieve a fine particularization application rate on any surface. This surface must stay damp for the correct dwell time needed to kill the virus. Some toxic chemicals can complete this in 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Electrostatic Spray Applicator is positively charged and is attracted to the negative (grounded) surfaces. Many articles in a room are not grounded and will not attract the spray. When this takes place, this sprayer is a standard Sprayer. Check your surface areas to be sure. Look at the non- conductive materials used within your settings


In the evaluation process of what disinfect to use, one should consult the EPA/Health Canada safety rating for each disinfectant to be evaluated/used. This will provide a list of products with the best safety ratings and PPE requirements for your product selection. Keying out the best disinfectant will provide increased safety solutions as they pertain to the general public as well as the operating technicians completing the daily wiping and spraying applications. Ensure you check the disinfectant rating 99.999% on the label.


Acute Oral Up to 50 mg/kg > 50 through 500 mg/kg > 500 through 5000 mg/kg > 5000 mg/kg
Acute Dermal Up to 200 mg/kg > 200 through 2000 mg/kg > 2000 through 5000 mg/kg >5000 mg/kg
Acute Inhalation Up to 0.5 mg/liter >0.05 through 0.50 mg/liter >0.50 through 2.00 mg/liter > 2.00 mg/liter
Primary Eye Irritation Corrosive or corneal irritation for more than 21 days Corneal or eye irritation clearing in 8-12 days Corneal or eye irritation clearing in less than 7 days Minimal effects clearing in 24 hours
Primary Skin Irritation Corrosive Severe irritation at 72 hours Moderate irritation at 72 hours Mild or slight irritation at 72 hours
Signal Words for Label DANGER WARNING CAUTION None Required

Be sure the disinfectant has been tested directly against VIRUCIDAL HARD-SURFACE EFFICACY TEST - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Related Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) (COVID-19 Virus). This was difficult in the beginning, but testing is now available by laboratories. Testing summary for Vital Oxide is attached, tests results have dropped the effective kill rate down to 5 minutes from 10 minutes after testing was completed. “The surface must remain wet/damp for the full 5 minutes to achieve a kill”. All disinfects must be applied in this manner, no exceptions, the dwell times can vary. 1 minute to 10 minutes depending on the disinfectant used. This is a significant change when coupled to a Category 4 Rating.

Once you have the best disinfectant in the best category rating for controlling Sars-CoV-2, from here you need to obtain the testing summary that must be completed for all disinfectant products. The product that provides the broadest range of control is also a major deciding factor.

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Vital Oxide is a 4 in 1 control against:

1. Cleans

2. Disinfects

3. Deodorizes

4. Mold Removal

Provides benefits of 4 individual products and performs all 4 steps at the same time: Vital Oxide is registered in many countries and is available in 3.78L 1 Gal., 18.9L 5 Gallon and 207.9L 55 gal. drums.

Prepackaged disinfectant wipes can also have issues, once opened the container can air dry quickly leaving the wipes to dry out and not be effective. Using reinforced nylon wipes and spraying them when required ensures they contain enough disinfectant/moisture to be effective. Operator sprays them as required when completing the service.

NPD provides custom designed disinfecting equipment with HDP Proximity Tips 1.5 High Density Misting Tips. Our hands-free operation is ideal for the wipe and spray protocols as outline by CDC, WHO and Health Canada where a clean and spray program is recommended.