Switch - Interior and Exterior Applications

  • Switch Setting I – Interior Low Flow Setting
  • Switch setting II – Exterior High Flow Setting Sprays up to 28 Feet – Works just like a truck mounted sprayer

The PDS-4G 4 Gallon/15 Liter is being use with 2 x 50 feet of hose extensions. Companies are starting to use this combination instead of buying Truck Mounted Sprayers. The cost saving is enormous and the portability has many advantages.

Switch Settings

2 in 1 Extension Wand

  • Easily removed from tank, uses high quality brass hydraulic quick disconnect
  • Easy storage, no freezing. Store in warm location
  • 2 in 1 spray wand. Extension wand from 19 to 40 Inches and or a 20 inch solid spray wand
  • Standard 11/16 brass threads for spray tips, the standard in the industry, total compatibility

Extension Wands

Extension Hoses

  • Available in PVC double braided 12, 25 and 50 foot lengths. Ideal lengths for Interior and Exterior applications
  • Place your sprayer on the ground and spray up to 100 feet away, ideal for exterior and interior commercial treatments

Extension Hoses

Slim Line Tanks

  • 2.5 gallon (10L) and 4 gallon (15L)
  • Slim Line tanks are thin and hug your back, providing superior comfort
  • The 2.5G tank is just 28.5 Lbs. when full of water
  • The tank lid handle allows the Boss to be carried just like a hand pump applicator but with one major difference. NO HAND PUMPING REQUIRED

Battery Design

  • Provides all the power you need no matter what your application, Interior or Exterior: 18 volt DC Lithium Ion, Last a full day on 1 charge
  • Fast charger can operate from low cost inverters, plug into your USB port or cigarette lighter holder and charge from your truck
  • Batteries are stored in a closed compartment that is located between your back and the tank when worn, totally protected the electrical components from moisture and sun
  • Battery is just 4.5 x 3 inches and snaps in and out quickly

Battery Design

Shoulder Straps

  • Stainless steel carabiner hooks
  • Double weave bracket to hold the straps firmly in place


  • Offering a variety of spray tips, fan, pin point, gallery injection
  • Offer various wand sizes and hand guns
  • Misting tip options available
  • Foaming tips for add on revenue opportunities
  • Mobile carts for interior work


The PDS-2.5G by NPD provides unmatched flexibility for interior and exterior spraying needs. With capabilities of Liquid and Foam treatments, this sprayer will transform what equipment you decide to install into your service truck. From outside perimeter to interior misting and spot spraying your weeds using Foam: The PDS-2.5G will become your go to piece of equipment.

  • Light weight, holds 2.5 gallons
  • Liquid-Misting-Foam applications
  • Operate from up top 100 feet away

PDF Download PDS-2.5G Feature Sheet

The service specific accessories for the PDS-2.5G will make you think twice before just adding another truck mounted sprayer. With decreasing Insecticide volumes required and increasing chemical prices, the need for the PDS-2.5G is very appealing for many job situations.

The PDS-2.5G is a 2.5 Gallon Liquid, Misting and Foam Backpack Sprayer c/w Removable Telescoping Extension Wand, 3 Output Tips, 18 Volt Battery and Charger.


  • Light Weight, just 6.5 lbs. with 18 Volt DC Rechargeable Battery installed
  • Slim line fit, hangs close to the body for increased worker comfort
  • Smaller Liquid Volume, just 2.5 Gallon total capacity - reduces backstrain
  • Padded back and shoulder harness straps
  • Adjustable Telescoping Wand 24” to 40 Inches
  • Ideal for comfort, short or taller staff can adjust for best fit
  • Quick release Telescoping Wand allows for extension hoses to be added; up to 100 feet
  • Fast charge battery system, 1.5hrs
  • 2 pump speeds for low and high volume output
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