Knowing Us

Michael Howe

In the Beginning
NPD Products Ltd. founded in 2000, evolved from a 24-year investment in service based businesses. NPD is a recognized provider in the pest control and turf sectors. The industry has dynamically changed over the past two decades and NPD enjoys an excellent reputation for its technical and scientific innovation, providing biodegradable, integrated products and equipment.

Couldn’t do it Alone
By forging close partnerships with customers and industry experts, NPD has developed dramatic loyalty and longevity -providing NPD the latitude to recommend ground-breaking products and liquid and foam application equipment. NPD possesses the depth and capabilities of highly experienced staff and colleagues to seek reliable, responsible solutions for old and new challenges problems. –See Doing Better to hear what these Industry Leaders have to say.

Everyday Protection
While specific pests and viruses are centuries old, (from rats to cockroaches), the public continues to face the threat of superbugs (Hantavirus, Lime Disease, Mersa), emerging during a pivotal time in history when it is imperative to create solutions which guard our populations and the planet from destruction. NPD continues to challenge the status quo, by pioneering sustaining product and equipment in order to bring everyday protection to customers and company technicians.

“New science and measurement capabilities from electronic technology allow us to challenge the status quo more then ever; these are exciting times. Review the old, innovate and create says Michael Howe, President, NPD Products Ltd. “Quite simply, when we know better we do better. You gottawanna make a difference.”

Foam, Foam and more Foam
And do better is what NPD set out to do. Knowing the changes that were mandated by government, while painful, could only lead to new solutions. Michael became an active participant in the chemical usage change. His vision was to create a formula that is simple, and safe. Through years of experimentation, he engaged in conversations with scientists, entomologists, and other like minded colleagues. And finally undergoing extensive studies with Universities, a qualitative and quantitative formula for pest control was born. “Making this change, while it has taken me time, money and a huge learning curve, when I see the formula work without harming others and saving water, informs my decision to keep moving forward on this trajectory”, says Michael Howe.

NPD Product Line
NPD Products works with global solutions in mind. NPD supplies biodegradable products and integrated HE equipment to nine countries around the globe to industrial, commercial and retail markets.

So Much More To Know and Do!
NPD is on the move, exploring, connecting, collaborating further and wider to offer new designs…from all-in-one foaming equipment –see Sherman & Herman-- to Lofttan, coming 2013! — Stay tuned as NPD puts safety, affordability and fun efficiencies into life.

NPD Products Ltd.

The NPD logo and brand has undergone a significant transformation. The new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what our original mark stands for... while simultaneously moving the brand forward.



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