Boss Eliminator - Instructional Videos

Mosquito Sprayer Sizzle

NPD’s latest applicator, the Boss Eliminator covers everything: mosquito treatments, disinfecting, low volume applications and all standard pest control. The sprayer, combined with the included HDP-M1830 tip, has the ability to mist up to 20ft off the ground, ideal for targeting mosquito harborage sites.

Strap Installation

This video demonstrates the proper assembly of your Boss strap and harness system for maximum comfort and usability. The system is fully adjustable with an over the shoulder hose setup, wand holster, lower back support and the ability to be configured for right or left handed individuals.

High Flow vs. Low Flow Tips

Distinguishing your different Boss Sprayer tips and when to use them.

Spray Tip Instructional

Understanding spray pattern degree and output volume on various fan tips.

Battery & Charger Overview

Quick overview on the Boss battery and charger, including proper charging techniques.

Designed with Safety in Mind

This video outlines the various safety benefits designed into the NPD Boss Sprayers. Extension hoses, mobile carts, telescopic wands, slim tank design, and service belts all come together to make this one of the most tech-friendly applicators on the market.

CoverX Foam Tip Accessory

Turn your Boss Applicator into an atmospheric foamer using ProFoam Platinum and the CoverX Foam Tip for dumpster, garbage chute, and restaurant treatments.