Sherman HE

Sherman HE

4 in 1 Portable Applicator

  • Liquid Sprayer
  • Mist Sprayer
  • Air Compressor
  • Foamer

Sherman HE can be used every where: Pest Control, Sanitation, Construction, Manufacturing, Turf Industry, Food Processing, Automotive, Poultry and Horticulture.

  • Twin Tank System
  • 7 Gallon Liquid Capacity
  • 2 Gallon Air Tank
  • “Last Longer” At full charge of 100 PSI continuous liquid spray for a full 49 minutes
  • Air Driven, No Internal Moving Parts To Breakdown
  • “Save Your Back” adjustable handle
  • Drain Valve (right underneath) Keepin’ it Clean
  • Gv’in You an Extra Foot (3rd foot on the front)
  • 10” Tires Makes Sherman HE [Very Portable]
  • “Various Tools & Tips” For Gallery, Crack-Crevice, Misting, Void & Broadcast
  • Optional Hose Lengths and Types Available
  • Moves and Stores With Ease


  • Foam treats the area (voids of all types) where dirt, bacteria and insects live
  • Foam reduces Water Usage: Foam expands water by 6 to 18 times
  • Foam Increases surface contact time for superior coverage
  • Foam reduces liquid run off
  • Foam provides deeper penetration into surfaces by reducing surface tension
  • ProFoam Platinum has been tested by all major chemical producers for compatibility
  • Eliminate Open truck mounted tanks; accidents can produce spills
  • Foam helps in removing grease and dirt

And for the first time...

Sherman HE is the only piece of air operated equipment that can apply foam and liquid simultaneously!

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